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Post  cheapolitics on Tue May 11, 2010 8:40 am

I have some alts already in game that are in the guild as kinda hard to explain..
I haven't been in a org other than this one.
I filled this appy out on my own while everyone encouraged me to do so.
I have been playing AO on and off for 5 years or maybe its six now ?? lol
I would like to see delusional go far and accomplish all!
I will bring to delusional more attitude,knowledge, the occasional bad joke, and willingness to help and participate in events.
I want to join delusional because way long time ago meleny invited me to org and showed me kindness and a willingness to help someone who didn't know much about the game. I want to bring that same helpfullness and kindness to the org. Although i don't know much higher lvl stuff im wanting to learn and willing to go above and beyond for raids and what nots...I hope that this was informative enough if not you can always get me in game.

Tell us your motivation to join and the future u see in Delusional. (What u seek in an org and so on)


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