Duubz's Recruit - Spectrewolf

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Duubz's Recruit - Spectrewolf

Post  Wolf on Thu Mar 11, 2010 2:13 pm

pvp build revenantwolf 106 level agent
main character currently 134 soldier name spectrewolf
i got one more doctor level 91 name ahly no guilds

main reason i am looking for new guilds are active guilds and english speaking guilds that able to help me gain level and help in other site quest and had ppl around to chat and hang out with and have fun with.

currently the main are with Fast To Fourios, no org for my alt
ahly doc is 96, agent still the same leve

i meet one of team leader when i and my friends in garden doing some bloodplasma, but i forget who he is,he just give me this website and ask me to fill in and here i am, fill out the form as requested. and today i meet Duubz and he ask me to add some detail to my profile here i am

someone will get a hold of u in game Wolf...........happy lvling:)

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