Felliar's Recruit - Counterdeath

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Felliar's Recruit - Counterdeath

Post  Guest on Thu Apr 29, 2010 2:51 am

I just wanted to let everyone know that we have a new recruit in Delusional, and his name is Counterdeath! I copied our conversation that we had at the Rompa bar, over a couple of Plumbo beers. Smile

Suppressor "Counterdeath"
Breed: Solitus
Gender: Male
Profession title: Chief of Staff Surgery (TitleLevel 6)
Profession: Doctor
Level: 198
Number of Invaders killed: 877
Killed by Invaders: 12
Defender rank: Intermediate
Alignment: omni
Side XP bonus: 5.00%
Detachment: Hell on Fire

Duel rank:None (0)
Duel wins:15
Duel losses:8
Solo rank:None (0)
Solo kills:7
Team rank:Suppressor (2)
Kills in team:49

Felliar: Yo
Counterdeath: hey
Felliar: Why are you looking for a new org, if you don't mind me asking.
Counterdeath: well lets see my org theres no 1 on i have to run the bot for it and that the prez is never on and i would love some help Very Happy
Felliar: Sounds like a pretty horrible situation...
Counterdeath: yea i been stuck lvl 198 for like almost a year i think never had help with any while on rk2 with good org my adv hit 220 and is a pvp tweak now Very Happy
Felliar: Well, unfortunately we are not a charity org. We run a fairly tight crew here. Smile Of course there are the members I don't claim to have recruited, but then there are some amazing players in our org.
Counterdeath: i r lvl 198 Very Happy
Felliar: Aye, I saw that. Smile
Felliar: Lets chit chat!
Felliar: Can you meet me in the Rompah bar?
Counterdeath: 1 sec gota get my new sybemnts on Very Happy
Counterdeath: what zone is that in ??
Felliar: Oh my! You don't know the Rompah bar, and you have a 220? That just won't do.
Felliar: It's in omni entertainment.
Counterdeath: never been there on rk2 i hang out in ado or inf alot Very Happy
Counterdeath: omw
Felliar: Great!
Felliar: Have you tried to just use pick up groups for inferno?

*Couterdeath arives at Rompah Bar*

Felliar: Alright, this is more like it.
Counterdeath: yea this place has some nice chairs Very Happy
Felliar: Like I said, have you tried to just use pick up groups for inferno missions?
Counterdeath: nope Sad
Felliar: How come?
Counterdeath: i normly go lft and try to farm money Very Happy
Felliar: Oh? Credits are a beautiful thing. Would you say your goal in AO is aquiring great gear as your progress through the levels then?
Counterdeath: witch if i am right i found a place i could make 50m a bag just hoply its not camped here on rk2..
Felliar: I suppose you mean the Omni Token Gun camp, correct?
Counterdeath: my goals are not to lvl or gear in all i want is fun Smile but the only way to have fun is get right stuff so you can have fun Very Happy
Counterdeath: yea
Felliar: Well, the token gun camp clears up more so in the mid afternoon eastern standard time. The bags can go anywhere from 25m to 50m
Felliar: I'm glad you are looking for fun!
Counterdeath: always Very Happy
Felliar: That's the key to this game. Numbers aside, the enjoyment you get from the game is most important.
Felliar: I'll be honest, we already have a couple of doctors in our org, but we are looking to expand, and of course the doctors we have are expected to be online at a certain time, so it's nice to have a variety. How often would you say you play Anarchy Online?
Counterdeath: yep is sucks if you are trying to beat some 1 esle at some thing then just rather laughing and just enjoying insead of getting mad ..
Counterdeath: i play alot like i think maybe 10 hours or mor a day
Felliar: And only level 198! I'm suprised.
Felliar: You must farm quite a bit then. Smile
Counterdeath: same here must be my shotty scary people away Very Happy
Felliar: Would you mind if I inspect you?
Counterdeath: go ahead
Counterdeath: this is my first doc Sad i hae no ideal what to do with armor and guns i went with shot gun to use less ip untell i get the 2 pistols that are for doc Very Happy
Felliar: No armor at all?
Counterdeath: i got t1 and some pred
Felliar: How about just miy's nano armor?
Felliar: It's easy to farm.
Felliar: And it drops often.
Counterdeath: yea thats what i am gona do with nt
Felliar: Your nano technitian?
Counterdeath: i have 1 Sad in same org Very Happy both chars are in need of a new org Very Happy
Felliar: Why don't you use Miy's Nano on your doctor?
Felliar: Or do you mean you're going to farm on your NT?
Counterdeath: yea i farm with nt or gona to Very Happy
Felliar: What level is your NT?
Counterdeath: 192
Counterdeath: doitright
Felliar: Nice Smile
Felliar: Hopefully he isn't wearing an omni-med suit.
Felliar grins.
Counterdeath: my nt us to kite ely hecks was gona stay at 150 but fc messed with the hecks
Counterdeath: he has miys armor on Very Happy
Felliar: Great. Smile
Felliar: Well I don't want to get hung up on gear. I could talk for hours about gear....
Counterdeath: same Very Happy
Felliar: Well... what are you looking for in an org?
Felliar: Besides fun of course. I'm sure you have goals out there too.
Counterdeath: well all i am looking for is fun and some help getting items from things i can not solo yet Sad but just to have a some help and to joke around and of coruce i love to help the low lvl people i do alot of pocketing..
Felliar: We don't really have a lot of lower level members, mostly just alts of course. We don't normally recruit anyone under level 150. I normally look for people TL6 or higher, but people looking for orgs at that level are scarce.
Felliar: Well, we have some extremely helpful people in Delusional, but we don't dedicate our entire time running inferno missions, killing dreads, and doing alappaa.
Counterdeath: yea.. i just love to help any 1 that needs it i do duel log alot Smile my sis plays anarchy online but never comes here to rk1 so she lets me use her rk1 account so that i can duel log Very Happy
Felliar laughs!
Felliar: That's nice of her.
Felliar: Would you mind if I asked how old you are?
Counterdeath: i am 19
Counterdeath: gona be 20 on oct 1
Felliar: Okay! Of age, org chat can get fairly raunchy, but we try to keep it clean for guests.
Counterdeath: i am cool with any thing Very Happy thats how unity is on rk2 they don't keep in clean for guest they mess with the people on guest chat too Very Happy
Felliar: Don't need any lawsuits from angry mother's you know?
Counterdeath: yea
Felliar: You'll fit right in then. Smile Take in mind Delusional is a growing org. We currently have about 15 active players in our org.
Felliar: They are active, on at least once a day, and normally during the night time.
Counterdeath: org city ??
Felliar: Of course. It's an instanced city.
Counterdeath: nice Very Happy
Felliar: No towers as of yet, we just can't seem to stir enough interest.
Counterdeath: how would 1 get promote to sc ??
Felliar: Stay chill, show progression, take inititave, and be generally friendly to your org mates. Smile
Felliar: It took me about 2 months to make Squad commander and I'm a fairly quiet person in the org.
Felliar: I did favors for the org, and they returned favors.
Felliar: We just recently ran two sucessful Inferno Key runs.
Counterdeath: awwww wish i was in org LOL Very Happy
Felliar: Yeah, I've been playing this game for years, and NEVER have I recieved the inferno key.
Felliar: It was a triumph Smile
Felliar: Well, right now the org is pretty restless, but I'd like to go ahead and get you on with us. Most of our members are in the EST time zone, so org chat is slow
Felliar: Before I invite, you I'd like you to register at our forums. http://delusional.forumakers.com/
This way we can coordinate events without us all being online. Smile
Counterdeath: thats cool
Felliar: While you do that I hope you don't mind me going afk for a smoke. I'll be back shorty.
Counterdeath: done Very Happy let me know you get back
Felliar: I return triumphantly, and without remorse!
Felliar: Well, I think you're ready to join the ranks of Delusional. Smile
Counterdeath: yea i am

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Re: Felliar's Recruit - Counterdeath

Post  Tormenilbu on Thu Apr 29, 2010 6:25 am

Hotshot of the day!

Accepted to the forums, and welcome Smile


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Re: Felliar's Recruit - Counterdeath

Post  counterdeath on Thu Apr 29, 2010 6:33 am



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Re: Felliar's Recruit - Counterdeath

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